Half the World's Population Is Voting This Year!

Half the World's Population Is Voting This Year!

Something worth noting is happening this year: More people will vote than in any year prior. Almost half the world’s population! ...more


June 10, 20245 min read

Improving Wellbeing is Yours for the Taking

Improving Wellbeing is Yours for the Taking

There are so many different components of one’s well-being. Sometimes, knowing where to start is hard when you want to feel, look, and live better. ...more

Health and Well-Being

June 01, 20246 min read

What I Learned at the United Nations

What I Learned at the United Nations

These are crazy times we are living in. It kind of feels like insanity on steroids. And, I feel we are actually rising up for a new beginning, and these times are the completion of our lower-state ten... ...more


May 09, 20242 min read

Sometimes, you have to step back to move forward.  

After 25 years in Corporate America, I turned in a new direction. I began supporting others on their journey to better health and wellness. I was on the path myself. I had come to know early on in my life through the loss of my very young mother that the best gift we can give ourselves and those we love is our own well-being.

Social justice has been a life-long passion. I’m hopeful we will achieve gender equality soon. Peace and prosperity are only possible when all of us have equal access to resources and opportunities. Limiting anyone based on demographics; gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, etc., limits us all.

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