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MY WISH FOR YOU is your best life lived. So,

Know and live your purpose. 

Passionately pursue your heart’s desires. 

Fuel your body well—emotionally and nutritionally.

Never stop seeking knowledge and understanding. 

Get to know and appreciate yourself deeply.

And always remember—the universe has your back.  







Co-creating an extraordinary life through heightened awareness and elevated consciousness, uplifting every word, thought, and action for self and all existence.

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Biological Age

Clarity and Certainty

Passion and Purpose

Harmony and Balance

Sometimes, you have to step back to move forward.  

After 25 years in Corporate America, I turned in a new direction. I began supporting others on their journey to better health and wellness. I was on the path myself. Early on in my life, through the loss of my very young mother, I came to know that the best gift we can give ourselves and those we love is our own well-being.

Social justice has been a life-long passion. At heightened levels of self-awareness and consciousness, you become the change you want to see in your life and see it reflected in the world. Emotional, physical, and spiritual prosperity are moments away as you RISE.

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RISE and Shine!


We will all endure pain in our lives.

The question is, do you want to struggle through it or transform it?


And what do you want to contribute each day?

Peace or chaos

Clarity or confusion

Love or judgment

Compassion or resentment

Empathy or blame 

Certainty or doubt

As you move from Level UP 1 (transforming stress/anxiety into calm and peak performance), to Level UP 2 (knowing and living your Purpose), and then to Level UP 3 (mastering the heart-coherent techniques, spiritual tools, optimal nutrition, and lifestyle habits), your energy becomes transformational for a life filled with fulfillment, purpose, and prosperity.

You bring peace, love, and compassion, into each conversation, situation, and decision. You feel better. You have more energy and vitality. Others are noticing and are inspired.  

That’s heightened awareness and elevated consciousness. That’s you on the RISE with better health, deeper connections, loving communication, and a life of meaning and purpose.   

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky.”

~ Rumi

How it goes for women goes the nation and the world.  

You’ll discover the 7 Habits of Equality most of us are not living and the habits of inequality that most of us are living. Shifting to the 7 Habits of Equality will speed our way forward to equality, peace, and prosperity.  

#HealthyHappyEqual — Takes All 3 to Thrive!

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Love for the "Other Side"

Love for the "Other Side"

February 07, 20244 min read

Imagine feeling love for the 'other' political party. Love for the other half of the family feud. Love for those who denigrate your gender, sexual identity, race, or religion. Love for the former spouse who betrayed you. Love for the parent who left you behind. Love for those who waged war upon you. 

Sound too hard to swallow? Trust me. I get it.

And what if you (we) could? What difference might it make in your life and our lives collectively? 

It might mean we create solutions that diminish divisive times and legislation altogether. It might mean that a parent reconciles with their child before they can no longer do so. It might mean children have their grandparents in their lives and vice versa. And it just might mean that we never see another war again.

Most of us make decisions based on our life experiences and five senses: what we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. Unexamined, however, this can result in a narrow perspective that can cost you the most important things: a job, a relationship, a marriage, your children, and your health.

When stress is added to the mix, we can become triggered and make highly reactive decisions that add more fuel to the fire rather than insight and understanding.

It is always helpful to remember Albert Einstein's excellent advice: "You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it."  

So what if there was another way to approach our differences, one sourced from a different mindset than the one that creates 'sides?' Imagine only one side, a unified body of people, whose number one intention is unity and soul.

When our intention is unity and soul rather than being right or defending or justifying ourselves, questions come to mind instead. Questions like: "What would life look like in their shoes? What would it have been like to be raised in that family, in that economic situation, at that time, in that part of the world, etc.?" 

Instead of anger and contempt for the 'other side,' you will most likely feel compassion, kindness, love, and appreciation--plus a greater understanding of the 'other side.'

So, how can we move to a new mindset, particularly in the heat of the moment? First, remember this is a process. It takes time, as does creating any expertise. So be patient and cut yourself some slack as you implement the process. When you mess up, feel gratitude that you are in the trenches doing good work, vital work, rather than blame or shame. Blame and shame are the same mindset and energy that create sides and the issue at hand.

Here are the steps I teach my clients:

#1: De-stress. I love the HeartMath® techniques and technology to balance the autonomic nervous system and shift from stress to ease and calm in seconds to minutes. Whatever method you choose, de-stress when it occurs, as that is when stress is most damaging. 

#2: Pause. Take a breath or two and say, "What a pleasure." Repeat that a few times: 'What a pleasure'—until the noise in your head is gone. Now, listen. Listen to your heart. The heart speaks quietly, so you must quiet things down inside to allow for your heart's intuitive guidance that always aligns with your intention, in this case: unity and soul.

#3: Restrict: make a conscious choice to restrict negative behavior patterns and reactions. We're moving to higher ground as we restrict and build new patterns that are positive and life-affirming.

#4: Listen rather than defend. Without an agenda, that noise rattling off in your head brain, you'll be able to listen to others and hear their true essence, pain, and sorrows with empathy and compassion (vs judgment and blame)—all requirements for building consensus and effective collaboration. 

#5: Take responsibility (100%!) for your feelings, thoughts, actions, choices, and words. Remember, blaming or shaming is the mindset that created the issue.

#6: Reaffirm your intention to stand for unity and soul ongoing rather than narrow and self-serving aspirations.

This wonderful game of life we all get to play is not an easy one. We will all experience pain in our lives. The question is, do you want to struggle through it or transform it? It's always a choice; your choice. 

I hope you will choose transformation. That's love, peace, and a shift from negative to positive energy—the best for you and all concerned. That's a win-win we could all use.

RISE and shine!


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We are all leaders, and with ongoing heightened awareness and elevated consciousness, you will make the profound difference only you can make. RISE with calm, ease, and immense gratitude and fulfillment. The best is yet to come. A bit about me: Mother, Author, Coach, and Speaker. HeartMath® Certified Coach. MBA. Student of Kabbalah and the Blue Zones. Whole Foods-Plant Based Nutrition. Life-Long Social Justice Activist. #HealthyHappyEqual — it takes 3 to thrive!

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